The Ending

Apr. 1st, 2013 03:26 pm
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The confused silence begs for further explanation.

“I am a crab thing,” he begins again, trailing off before clinching on something resembling a supporting argument. “A crab thing cursed by Rose to be human and I … I kinda like it that way?”

Dave starts to say something but decides against it, mouth hanging open and struggling to say something. “Alright so … even if I choose to believe that, how is this relevant?”

“Curse breaks if I fall into water.” He makes a cutting motion. “Even if we break a large wave and it comes washing on to me, I might never be able to return to this form again. Believe it or not, Strider, for all I moan and for all I complain and people harass me and piss me off, this is an existence I generally enjoy. And I don’t want it taken away from me just because someone got kinda lovesick without me.”

“Who says it’s that?” Dave asks, lazy smile gracing his lips.

Karkat rolls his eyes, loose and relaxed as Dave pulls his face towards him, kissing him gently.

“So I literally have no idea about this crab story but I’ve got no time to dig deeper and I already know what I saw as a kid,” he says now, gently, his voice rough and altogether a bit too close. Karkat shuffles away fractionally but places his hands on his shoulders all the same. “But if it means a lot to you never to touch water then I promise you’ll never even have to touch the sea. See the sea. Get a nice little galley job. Drop you off somewhere nice bro knows is safe.”

He strokes a hand against his face carefully and Karkat’s eyes drop to the floor between their feet.

“Don’t believe me--?”

“No. Fuck … that’s not it. I believe you. Just still don’t know if I want to do it.” He lets out a pensive breath and stares into space, rocking on his feet a little.

After a moment or two his eyes flicker back up, looking a little nervous, a bit anxious. “But thanks … for believing me.”

Dave makes a low humming noise in his throat. “All I know is that the thing had me… I was just a little kid and it was trying to pull me below. I owe my life to my brother. I think Rose knows that. And I think if she had the power to change fate— I think she’d do it.” By this point he’s shuffled in closer wrapped Karkat properly in his arms and his head is resting against his shoulder, both of them breathing in and out steadily. He stares focused on a point before him, oddly lost in space, in the warm feeling beneath his fingertips, the soft scent of his hair …

“Jade’ll be there too.” He smirks as he feels the body beneath him twitch to attention a little.

He bends down a little, reaching for Karkat’s face and pressing a kiss to his lips, smiling as Karkat attempts to put on a stubborn face at first, giving nothing back. Soon he softens and they’re left in a sweet embrace, the mere air around it soft and melancholy. Dave realises it may be their last.

Carefully he peels away. “I’ll be on the docks tomorrow,” he says with certainty and he watches the determined fire in Karkat’s eyes flash for a moment. They steadily dull with unease.

In the end he only nods and breaks away and it’s all Dave can do but to let him retreat to his room and think it through.
The sea monster in the human body.

It makes Dave’s body thrum in excitement, a continuation of a fantasy he and his brother had always been possessed by.

Little did Karkat know that even as a boy, Dave had seen the mermaids walk.



Splayed out across a line of chairs padded with numerous sequestered pillows in the common area, his thoughts limped along. He tapped the DVD casing thoughtfully against the side of a chair once or twice and again a bit more forcefully. By now a frown was beginning to spread across his face, quickly blooming into a grimace and a glare as his prickling anger leaped and latched on to the other obvious source of frustration in the room.

Dave hissed and muttered his lyrics under his breath, rhythmically beating the keys to his mac, occasionally attempting to master the whispering beat-box.

“Would you fucking mind?” Karkat snapped.

Dave’s head snapped up attentively. “What?”

[   where xxx is the 6th song off Muse's second album (all small caps and no spacing)

so for example the 3rd song off their 6th album would be]


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