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Splayed out across a line of chairs padded with numerous sequestered pillows in the common area, his thoughts limped along. He tapped the DVD casing thoughtfully against the side of a chair once or twice and again a bit more forcefully. By now a frown was beginning to spread across his face, quickly blooming into a grimace and a glare as his prickling anger leaped and latched on to the other obvious source of frustration in the room.

Dave hissed and muttered his lyrics under his breath, rhythmically beating the keys to his mac, occasionally attempting to master the whispering beat-box.

“Would you fucking mind?” Karkat snapped.

Dave’s head snapped up attentively. “What?”

“You know very well what! It’d probably be less obnoxious if you attempted to slam-poetry battle yourself at full volume. Why can’t you just fuck off and leave people alone with their thoughts. Might be able to hear themselves think for a second without getting interrupted by your meek-as-shit whispering.” Karkat shuffled over the collection of seats, turning to face the DVD again with scholarly focus.
“Dude, the door is over there and you are perfectly welcome to leave if my sub-sonic rhymes are getting to you,” he responded in monotone, turning back to his computer and typing away this time. Possibly whatever lyrics he deemed worthy of salvage from that muttered horse manure. Possibly on pesterchum. God knows if there weren’t enough communication problems on this meteor already.

“See I don’t get why I should be the one who has to leave when you’ve been the one shuffling around the labs talking to yourself for like –what? – a fucking month? Can’t you give the rest of us some space!”

“Has it ever occurred to you that I might be trying to give some other people some space?” Dave said, taking on an obvious tone.

Karkat fumbled. “Oh … Guess I never thought about that.”

“No. No, you did not.” Again with the tone, heavy with Strider-brand frustration like he was reaching beneath him.

“So? So what? So I can’t tell you’re keeping away from Rose and Kanaya? At this point just about everyone on this fucking meteor’s doing an excellent job of stepping out of everyone else’s path. In terms of avoidance we get a big fat golden star – grade fucking A. Bunch of teenaged dipshits not wanting to get too caught up in whatever moan-worthy business or drama the others are up to. You’d think we’d all have gotten to know each other in some sappy sentimental group bonding thing you know? Really opened up to each other and shared our problems and hashed them out as a team. That would have been a great fucking idea! Instead we’re all backing out like cowards … even Terezi.” His rant petered out prematurely.

Before he could take another breath and pick up where he left off, Dave cut in. “It’s like I said, man. The door is there and you’re welcome to go if it bothers you.”

A beat passed. Karkat near growled. “Whatever. There was something I was meaning to ask you anyway.”
“Okay, I’m all ears,” Dave responded, tapping away on the mac idly.

Karkat slipped the DVD case over to him across the floor, sitting up, shoulders hunched and feeling awkward all of a sudden. His voice bundled up in his throat. “There’s something I’ve been wondering about your human romances.”

He could see an eyebrow raise casually above Dave’s shades as he picked the case from the floor.
“Shut up!” he quickly snapped, “I just—“ He sighed in frustration, gripping and ungripping the seat beneath him. “I guess I’m just wondering why the romantic lead always seems to fuck up the first few times. Seems a bit … odd, don’t you think?”

“Well no,” Dave said out right, turning the case, observing and thinking. “Look, I’m struggling to tell whether your question’s got more to do with dating people or schlocky film plots or if you think you’re asking about one and you’re really asking about the other but in one of those cases? I can’t help you. Not like I ever had any experience dating other humans or something.”

“Okay okay so let’s just say I’m asking about the schlocky film plots. What in a human psyche wants to see their protagonist fail over and over again with the same fucking guy and every single time it’s like – congratulations, dipshit! You’ve just dug yourself further into the pit that is your withered-up husk of a red quadrant.”

Dave furrowed up his face a little. “Likeability. I think at some point everyone feel like they managed to fail their own love life. The writing just plays to the audience. Like no matter how much the shy yet polite and marginally attractive lady messes up, that guy she’s destined to be with will always knocking at her door in the end. Pop her a gold band and some champagne all ‘baby, I know you spilt your dinner all over me in front of my boss but I’m still feeling something here’. It’s a classic pandering formula. Nothing that interesting.”

“Right so,” Karkat begins to trail off, fiddling with his fingers more than he himself was realising, “How would you say a good romantic gesture should go like … first time?”

“What?” Dave said, obviously surprised. “Are you trying to pull the moves on Rose? Because I think she’s kinda taken for in—“

“What? No! God no!” Karkat yelled. “Can’t you just appreciate some intellectual fucking curiosity or something?”

Barely listening, Dave continued. “So you never actually hit on John or anything way back when?”

“No! Not … not really actually? Just—Would you fucking stop that?” He snapped catching sight of Dave’s smug, lazy grin. “Fine! I’ll tell you but that’s another story for another time!”


“Again! No! Never, I … never got the chance to … it was all over kind of quickly,” he sighed out, a quick twist in his gut softening his speech.

“I guess I can sympathise with that,” Dave followed, the mocking grin now fully wiped from his face, aware of the uncomfortable brink in conversation they were now straddling.

Three years is a long time to remain friends without a word. A long and lonely time.

The silence ached out between the two of them.

Eventually Karkat cleared his throat. “But would you trust me if I said this had nothing to do with any of that?”

“Yeah, sure, I believe you,” Dave said, fast enough to seem dismissive to anyone. Steady enough to sound genuine to a friend. “Kind of disappointed that you’re not planning on pulling the moves on someone though. Is it one of our teen parents?”

“Why would it be one of them? I don’t even fucking know them!” Karkat snapped.

“Yeah you’re right,” Dave responded, shutting down his laptop with a slouch.

“So what? So you’re just giving up on this that fast?” Karkat seems angry at first though this bled away with surprising speed, giving way to embarrassment. “Thought with the number of times you moaned at me for not seeing fucking obvious shit, you’d recognise a guy trying to ask you what you want him to say to you when he’s right in fucking front of you.”

Despite the tighter thrumming of his heart in his chest, Dave’s face remained as impassive as ever. But his voice nearly quavered. “Dude, that was pretty fucking disgraceful.”

“Well … yeah? I thought you’d have figured it out by now.” Karkat’s eyes dodged for a second, his body language tight and awkward. His sharp teeth chewed tightly at his lip for a second.

Dave slipped the mac from his lap.

He stepped across, stopping to hover over Karkat with his hands in his pockets, attempting to hide more than stop the clenching sensation across his chest. “So you really feel that way, huh?”

The hurt glare emanating from Karkat’s yellow eyes was enough of an answer and also enough to make Dave smirk, sitting down beside him.

“I mean it’s not a problem or anything. I don’t know. Just kind of sudden.” He sat gazing straight ahead at first but with a moment of though, turned, his knees brushing against Karkat’s. He could feel him flinch a little.

He leant forward.

Dave exhaled a heavy breath.

“I mean … I know I said I’m over Terezi. That’s true enough. And I know I’ve made my feelings towards the male variety abundantly clear as of late. Like I don’t want you to be getting the wrong idea about my feelings for some things because it’s not as complicated as you’ve made out before. I expected you to know that … and now? Well yknow I guess I’m not fucking surprised actually. God, were you even trying to leave out clues before?”

“Dave,” Karkat muttered warningly though not able to maintain an even breath.

“Did you?” Dave asked, brows furrowing as Karkat’s hand searched out his own, slipping over his skin. His expression softened without it meaning it to.

“Shut the hell up,” Karkat growled. His eyes seemed pleading and anxious, mismatching the tight and twitching line of a mouth.

Feeling something expected of him, Dave’s words had suddenly been swallowed up, his mouth dry and empty. The seconds were weighted, each pushing down an increasing pressure on him, his heart unsteady and beating, beating fast. His eyes flickered to the empty doorway and corridor momentarily. His chest was tight and Karkat was giving him this look like he was asking him to do something, anything to end the uncertainty and--

In order to read the rest of this fanfiction, I'm going to need you to do something.

You're going to have to screenshot this message, leaving as much evidence of the above fic as possible and post it on to your tumblr with the following typed message and any additional comments you wish to leave:

"I, tumblr user Penel0, do confess that I ship the Homestuck pairing DaveKat. I have fallen for Evelyn's trap and I now admit it freely and openly. I am down with the meteor bros."
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